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Reservations Required

Reservations Required and are easy

with just a phone call or book online in just minutes.  
Canyon River Grill Reservation policy: Due to the size of our seating area both inside and outside, we are unable to promise exact seating times.  With that in mind we will do everything we can to seat you as close to your reservation time as possible. 
We want all our guests to enjoy their time with us and sometimes guests stay longer than expected. We will appreciate your patience if this happens and will do everything we can to make your experience fantastic.

Please notify us upon your arrival. You will be seated as soon as your table is available. If you are requesting a specific table or section, your reservation can be delayed by the guests seated there ahead of you.

***Please Note: All online reservations are tentative until confirmed by an from the CR Grill staff. Our seating is limited, IF your reservation is not accepted we may be full for that day / time. Please call 509-933-2309.

Remember, every Friday we feature our slow roasted Prime Rib.