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Canyon River Lodge features ten lodge suites which are offered for sale as fractional interests with just six interests in each suite, sixty interests in all. Each owner receives a fee-simple deeded fractional interest in a suite and shared ownership in the lodge and community common areas. Each interest provides the owner fifty-six days and nights of use per year. Ownership interests can be resold, shared or gifted just like any other deeded real estate.  In addition to the lodge suites, 11 private home sites will be site complete available for purchase this Summer.

While lodge ownership applies to a particular suite, owners may also stay in any of the lodge suites or use a combination of suites. Friends, family, colleagues and clients are always welcome guests.

The suites measure approximately 880 square feet and include two bedrooms and one-and-a-half baths. They are fully furnished, tastefully finished, completely equipped and ready to be enjoyed. All have wonderful views of the Yakima River and the dramatic canyon walls from spacious great rooms, decks or verandas. The lodge is staffed seven days per week.

More information about the suites and amenities for owners can be found here: Ownership Informational Brochure and CRR Public Offering Statement.

To request ownership information:
Steve Joyce, Partner
Canyon River Ranch, LLC