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New Ownership Incentive Information

Whether you're a longtime Canyon River Ranch guest or you just discovered us, we are sure you'll find our Spring 2019 Incentives Package enticing.  The package is simple:  Purchase a 1/6th Lodge unit now for $99,000, and pick from these two categories of bonuses!

Category 1: select any TWO of the following four:

1. Christmas Island fishing trip - A $2950 Value!


Christmas Island is one of the best bonefishing destinations on the planet!  This could be you stalking these white sand flats as you scan the turquoise edge for cruising bonefish or even a marauding giant trevally!

Like Canyon River Ranch, Christmas Island is so beautiful that capturing it with just one photo is impossible.  Here is a slide show from one of the recent Red's Fly Shop trips.

2.  Ascension Bay fishing trip - A $2995 Value!


When it comes to diversity of species, ease of travel, quality of guides, lodge, and food - Ascension Bay is easily one of the best values in saltwater fly fishing.  While permit are what make this destination famous, anglers may also cast at tarpon, snook, bonefish, barracuda, and jacks on any given day.  Red's Fly Shop has been going here for years, and seen many first time saltwater anglers flourish after starting in Ascension Bay!

Here is a slide show of a regular Ascension Bay group that includes a number of CRR owners!

3.  2 years Red's Annual bird hunting membership - A $4000 Value!

The Red's Fly Shop bird membership program now consists of nearly 50,000 acres of private access property.  Members are able to chase wild chukar, huns, and quail throughout this leased ground. Additionally Red's releases pheasants on their licensed preserve which is only about 10 minutes from the shop.  This program represents a great combination for members as the preserve season runs from September through March allowing them extended time to train young pups and condition older dogs in preparation for the season (we say it's for the dogs, it's also to help condition hunters!).  

The Spring part of the preserve season is prime time for a Yakima Cast N Blast!  Here is a great article on that very thing.

4. 1 year dues credit ($324.50 X 12) - A $3894 Value!

Who doesn't like plain FREE cash?  Choose this now and you won't receive an HOA dues bill for months!

-OR- Select Category 2:  A Brand NEW Clackacraft Drift Boat - A $9250 Value!

Nope - that's not a typo...  It is a brand new state of the art 2018 Clackacraft drift boat.  Depending on how big of hurry you are in to get it on the water, you can choose a boat that's in stock (we have a nice Eddy right now!), or you can special order one - your choice of colors and model!  Only (3) boats are offered!

Review the additional purchase and ownership information and privileges, including the 509 Club, and contact us!

Steve Joyce:  509-929-1803

Canyon River Ranch, LLC, Partner

Windermere Ellensburg, Broker

Financing may be available through a local banker, Dale Loveland, at Cashmere Valley Bank in Cle Elum.  He is familiar with CRR, and can be reached at