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Lecture: How Hunting Became an American Pastime: From King James to Daniel Boone

Daniel Herman will discuss the twisting history of American sport hunting from the time of the English colonization to the mid-nineteenth century, when Americans became enamored with Daniel Boone. The history of hunting, argues Herman, is not what we might imagine. Few colonists viewed themselves as hunters; they viewed themselves rather as a farming people destined to replace the native hunting peoples North America. Middling colonists often viewed backwoods hunters as sinister figures who threatened civilization. The American Revolution, however, made backwoods hunters into American "culture heroes" who jealously defended their natural rights. Hunters became even more popular in the Jacksonian era as writers celebrated Daniel Boone as a rugged individualist. Meanwhile, the grandson of an English earl, Henry William Herbert, made sport hunting popular among the American middle class. Please join us as Herman narrates the contradictory and fascinating story of American hunting using contemporary paintings and works of art on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at 4:00 PM.