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Red's Rendezvous IX - 9th Annual Red's Rendezvous!

Some Activities Require RSVP Registration

Friday -  April 20th, 2018

On Friday night at the Red's Rendezvous IX, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from what I call the "The World's Foremost Angler".  Why that title?  Because if you can think of a destination....Brian's been there.  If you throw your longest cast.... Brian's is longer haha.  All this and he is one of the most enjoyable guys to be around and learn from.  His images have been published in every major fly fishing publication, and he was an original founder of Catch Magazine where you can still see much of his past work.  

Instead of just taking your camera and going "Click, Click, Click" and taking 800 mediocre photos that you'll never appreciate, let Brian teach you how to Capture the Moment with high quality images using whatever camera you already own.

In addition to these seminars, we'll be offering Dutch Oven Cooking Demos, yard games, a FREE River Rafting Adventure Class (includes a rafting trip) and FREE Women's Cast n' Blast Combination Lessons.

Capture the Moment - Photography Seminar with Brian Okeefe

7:00 pm on Friday - Canyon River Lodge Great Room - Drinks and Apps Available During the Show!

"As soon as the digital era began, everyone with a smartphone became a photographer.  I will walk you through a series of easy to understand tips and techniques that will instantly make you a much better photographer.  You won't need any fancy equipment, just keep using whatever you already own.  Plus you won't have to quit fishing.  In addition to learning new tricks for your next fishing trip, I will explore the world with 100 images and demonstrate examples of these techniques.  Eye candy and easy to understand tips make for a win-win. Please join me for this event and you too will be able to truly Capture the Moment".  Brian Okeefe

Advanced Distance and Accuracy Seminar with Brian Okeefe, Steve Joyce, George Cook, and Joe Rotter

4:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Friday - Clinic hosted on the casting course in front of Canyon River Lodge

What an opportunity!  Learn advanced skills from 4 of the best anglers that we know and put these new skills to work the next day in the 5 Weight Fly Casting Competition and try to win a Sage X Rod/Reel combo valued at over $1,200!. Each brings their own specific experiences to teaching you how to place a fly more accurately, and more efficiently at a moving target.  It's not all about distance, but that should be a tool in your quiver that you call upon. If you ever plan to pursue high stakes fish in far away places then you need this seminar!  Make an entire weekend out of the Red's Rendezvous IX and stay in the area.  There are many campgrounds in the Yakima Canyon and nearby hotels in Ellensburg, at this point the lodge is booked full. 

Seminar space is limited so please RSVP soon!

Saturday -  April 21st, 2018

Good Friends, Seminars, Food, and Drinks! This is the big day of the event!  

Beginner's Casting Lessons

We want the entire family to get schooled up on proper casting technique! Join our crew for free lessons, some specifically for women during these specific times.  The iFFF will assist Red's in providing fun, encouraging and friendly fly casting instruction to beginners and ladies of all ages and experience levels.

All of these lessons will be held in the same spot, likely on the lower lawn closer to the river than the competitive casting competition. 

6 pm - Friday - Women's Fly Casting Lessons
10 am - Saturday - Beginner's Fly Casting Lessons
11 am - Saturday - Women's Fly Casting Lessons
12 pm - Saturday - Beginner's Fly Casting Lessons
1 pm - Saturday - Women's Fly Casting Lessons
2 pm - Saturday - Kid's Fly Casting Lessons
3 pm - Saturday - Women's Fly Casting Lessons
11 am - Sunday - Women's Fly Casting Lessons

*RSVP Required for the Women's Cast 'n Blast Combination Lesson

PNW Fly Casting Championship

10 am - 2:30 pm - Qualifying Rounds - No RSVP Required
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Final Match for Top Qualifiers 

This event is "all for fun" and a way to raise some money and awareness on how to become a better caster.  This event is super fun to watch! Immediately following the Non-Pro class will be the Pro Competition.  It gets intense!

Sage Fly Rods has generously agreed to donate a Sage X 9' 5 Weight Rod, which many say to be the best "all water" rod ever built, to the winner of the Non-Pro casting competition.  100% of the donations and funds raised go to Project Healing Waters and the amazing veterans that deserve and need an opportunity to go fly fishing. 

The course combines skills of accuracy and some distance but its mostly about being hit your target fast and efficiently!  

*100% of the Donations Benefit Project Healing Waters!

The Grand Slam Species... and How to Get 'em by Brian Okeefe

11:00 am on Saturday in the Lodge Library - No RSVP Required

Brian has fished all over the Yucatan Peninsula and is a fantastic resource for how to get yourself prepared to catch a Grand Slam or Super Grand Slam including Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, and Snook!

Better Trout Spey Strategies with George Cook

11:30 am on Saturday in river in front of Red's - No RSVP Required

George is an authority on most things fly fishing. His 30+ year professional career has taken him to the ends of the earth, literally as it relates to the Americas, and in this time he has honed and accumulated some valuable knowledge on regarding how to catch fish on two-handed rods. Namely trout. His knowledge of pursuing both Brown Trout and Alaskan Rainbows with two handed rods may be unparalleled.  Have a listen at this unique and rare opportunity.  

Wilderness First Aid and River Safety with Adventure Guide and EMT Brian Williams

12:00 pm on Saturday in the Lodge Library - No RSVP Required

Brian Williams is a life long adventurer and outdoorsman who’s love of the outdoors has lead him to many wild places.  As former international mountain guide, big wall rock climber, back country skier, backpacker, adventure motorcycle rider, fly fisher, sailor and many other outdoor pursuits, Brian has enjoyed a lifetime of adventures and experiences off the beaten path, and a real awareness of what can go wrong.  Brian has participated in many mountain search and rescue missions and as professional emergency responder, Brian has worked as a Career Firefighter for the City of Yakima for 16 years.  A lifetime educator Brian has a genuine passion for teaching and sharing with others, whether it be rope work in the high mountains, new firefighters skills, or fly fishing tactics on the river.  Join Brian for a talk about life’s little (and big) contingencies in the backcountry, and learn about how you can be a little better prepared to handle the unexpected on your next adventure.

Spey Strategies for Steelhead and DIY British Columbia Steelhead Adventure Advice with Steve Joyce

12:30 pm on Saturday in the river below the lodge - No RSVP Required

Explore Patagonia and the Cinco Rios Area with Brian Okeefe

1:00 pm on Saturday in the Lodge Library - No RSVP Required

Upland Bird Hunting 101 with Ron Stiffler

1:30 pm on Saturday in the area between the lodge and the river

Garden and Field to Table with Dr. Hillary and Ryan Lampers

2:00 pm on Saturday in the Lodge Library - No RSVP Required
Ryan and Hillary Lampers
This seminar by the duo from Hunt Harvest Health will help you capture the nutrition and flavor of that nutrient rich and protein packed wild game or home grown vegetables.  Learning to properly preserve this food so that you can enjoy it all year long is a trick!  Ryan will also share tips on how you can dehydrate your own meals for backcountry excursions.  Learn from them the secrets of growing your own vegetables, hunting for your own meat, and then preserving these precious gifts to enjoy all year long. 

Yakima Valley Wine Tasting

3:00 pm on Saturday in the Lodge Library - No RSVP Requried

3-D Archery Shoot
Friday - Sunday - Online Registration Only

Running concurrently for the weekend, we'll be hosting a very casual 3-D archery shoot on our course adjacent to the Red's/Canyon River Ranch property followed by an EPIC cross canyon, cross canyon river shot to raise money for Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Shooters will have the chance to lob arrows OVER the Yakima River to raise money for BHA and a "shot" at some amazing prizes!

Kid's BB Gun Range and Shooting Gallery

Friday - 3 pm - 7 pm
Saturday 11 am - 4 pm
Sunday 9 am - 11 pm

We want to have some fun and teach kids the importance of safe handling of all weapons, including BB guns.  Let our friendly staff have some fun with the kids and teach them to shoot at all sorts of fun targets!  Popping balloons is a fun way to get them hooked on target shooting.

Kid's Fly Fishing Activities

12 pm - Saturday - Bug Hunt! - No RSVP Required
  • Come learn what trout in a river ecosystem actually eat and find some insects and bugs that you never knew existed. 

1 pm - Saturday - Kid's Fly Tying Lessons - No RSVP Required
  • Let your kids try to "match the hatch" and imitate some of the natural insects that they found in the river.  

2 pm - Saturday - Kid's Fly Casting Lessons - No RSVP Required
  • You can't fly fish without casting!  Your kiddos will learn the basics of fly casting and how to get their fly in front of the fish.  

Dutch Oven Cooking Demonstrations

Outdoor cooking is big fun, why not learn how to make some magic happen using your own fire and a classic piece of kitchen gear?  Learn from an expert on how to make amazing dishes with some firewood and a dutch oven!

Friday - 3 pm - 7 pm - Casual Demos and Samples
Saturday - 11 am - 2 pm - Casual Demos and Samples
Saturday - 2:00 pm - Dutch Oven Cooking 101 - No RSVP Required

QuickFire Fly Tying Competition

Saturday 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm in the Lodge at Red's

Come watch pro guides and expert fly tyers compete in a very unique and fast paced "QuickFire" fly tying competition!  Each fly will be given a time limit and a “surprise ingredient” required for each of the various challenges!

Want to compete?  Don't be nervous this is all for fun!  Email the QuickFire Coordinator: 

This entire event is FREE, so use your extra cash to enjoy some food and beer while watching these trout bums wrap some bugs.  This will immediately follow one of the most competitive fly casting competitions in the west!  You don't want to miss this unique event!  Non Pros will be casting for a HUGE Grand Prize, the Pros are casting for an even bigger purse... PRIDE!  

The QuickFire Tying Contest will be held following the Red’s Rendezvous award ceremonies for the casting competition inside the lodge.

There will be 4 types of fly patterns, and pattern will include a secret ingredient that MUST be incorporated into the fly. Flies will be judged by other industry professionals while enjoying a frosty malt beverage. To determine a winner of the competition, flies will be auctioned off at the end of the event, and the proceeds will be donated to Project Healing Waters. This is an excellent opportunity to come see some of the best tyers around, how they innovate a new pattern, and learn some great tips and tricks!