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Trout Spey Fish Along with Joe Rotter

This will be a 2 1/2 hour "fish along" with Joe Rotter at Red's Fly Shop. You'll go out in the guide's boat for a few hours with a pro and learn all about spey fishing for trout. Anglers will need to provide their own tackle and the instruction will be premium. The outing is limited to 3 anglers per session. 

There will be a morning session and an afternoon session. The first group will float down to Red's Fly Shop from 9:30 am - 12 pm ish with lessons and fishing on the way. The afternoon group will meet at 12:30 pm and fish till 3 pm or so. 


We'll cover flies, sink tips, casting, presentation, reading water, and anything else relevant to CATCHING TROUT! 

Packing List for the Trout Spey Fish Along:

Warm Clothing
Flies (purchase a few at the shop before the outing)
2-5 Weight Trout Spey Rod/Reel Setup (purchase before the outing is just fine - our staff will put together the perfect setup)
1X Fluorocarbon Tippet
Sink Tips (several densities)