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Mutton Buster VI 3-D Archery Shoot

Beat the heat and start early! This shoot is perfect timing to polish your game for the coming archery opener. The shoot opens at 7 am start time and the entire shoot will wrap up with door prizes and shoot-out at 1 pm back at the resort at Red's. We'll kick things off with our epic "Cross Yakima River Canyon" 90 yard shot OVER the Yakima River at Red's. Take a shot and you'll get a raffle ticket for $5 that will get you in the drawing for a super duper grand prize (most likely a new bow!). The better you score on the shot... the more raffle tickets you get and you can buy multiple arrows to increase your odds of winning. Every shot gets 1 ticket, body hit gets 5 tickets, 8 ring gets 8 tickets, 10 ring gets 15 tickets. We'll pull the arrows and return them at the BBQ which starts at 11:30 am. 

After you take the epic cross river shot, grab a shuttle from our staff up to the course entrance, shoot the 35 target 3-D course, and head back to the resort for BBQ, Drinks, and Beer. We'll have a 50/50 Money Shoot at 1 pm back on the resort property along with door prizes and we'll draw the winner for the grand prize! 


  • $20 Unlimited Shooting
  • Under 12 - 16 Years Old - $10 Unlimited Shooting
  • Under 12 Years Old - FREE

Location: The shoot is between Ellensburg and Yakima on a piece of private property leased by Red's Fly Shop. 

Parking is at the course entrance 1/2 mile south of Red's Fly Shop on Canyon Road/Hwy. 821. If the turnout near the entrance gets full, park back at the resort and we'll have a suburban shuttling shooters back and forth.

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Mutton Buster 2017