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Fly Casting Lessons

Come sample the taste of fly fishing with a casual fly casting lesson with Red's Fly Shop at Canyon River Ranch.  This lesson will allow you to laugh, smile, and learn the basics of fly casting with no further commitment.  Just casting and no science lesson haha.  Bring a date, bring a kid, and prepare to cast fly rods in a low pressure format.  For more in depth classes consider our Fly Fishing 101 and/or 201 curriculum. 

What to Expect

Its fun for couples or families, and you can come for the entire two hour lesson, or simply cast until your heart's content.  Our instructors are fun, friendly, and are good at getting brand new casters to effectively cast well on their first outing!

  • Lessons are group format
  • Come for all 2 hours, or just part of the lesson. Whatever makes the most sense for you.
  • Great for couples
  • Class is outside so be ready for the elements!

Students can also enjoy lunch, dinner, or a glass of wine at Canyon River Grill which is located inside Red's Fly Shop.  This short and fun lesson is the perfect way to sample fly fishing without having to purchase gear or commit a significant dollar amount.

Combine your casual fly casting lesson with a glass of wine at Canyon River Grill