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Learn to Shoot Sporting Clays - All Inclusive Class!

ONLINE Registration for 2 Hour Lessons

Make this a "CAST 'N BLAST Combination Lesson" for $99!

Come learn to shoot a shotgun at sporting clays for your very first time in a fun, safe, and picturesque setting with us.  Our range is located at Canyon River Ranch Lodge, Red's Fly Shop, and Canyon River Grill restaurant. This isn't just a class, it is an adventure to the Yakima River Canyon!  Finish off your day with a spectacular lunch or dinner to make it a "daycation" to remember.  

Shotgun Shooting Classes

Learn to Shoot Sporting Clays

We have professional instructors that will make learning to shoot sporting clays and handling firearms, fun, safe, and welcoming. Our 2 hour classes are taught directly to the shooter skill level and groups of mixed experience are no problem. We can teach experienced vets a few   things about the various challenges on the course and take beginners through a short but effective lesson on how to handle firearms safely and the basics of shooting. Fun, friendly, and SAFE are the ingredients that we blend together.

Shooting Class Cost and Details:
  • $79 Per Person - Price Reduced for 2017!
  • RSVP Required
  • Payment in full required at the time of reservation.
  • If you have a gift certificate, please have it ready at the time of reservation.  This makes check-in super easy and will ensure that you have the best possible experience upon arrival.
  • Includes 25 Rounds of non-toxic steel shot ammunition
  • Includes Quality Shotguns
  • Includes eye protection and ear protection
  • Includes all clay targets

What If I Have Never Shot a Gun?

We embrace the opportunity to bring new shooters out on our course and teach sport shooting in a safe, fun, and simple format. Our first emphasis is on safe firearm handling and secondly on how to properly mount and site the gun, track, and shoot flying targets. Our group of professional instructors are dedicated to making sure your first shooting experience is safe and rewarding.

Just Need to Shake Off the Rust?

Maybe you are an experienced shooter and just need a tune-up, no problem! Our classes are designed to include some very technical shooting advice and the instructors will be happy to spend some time helping you take your shooting game to the next level. The instructors will quickly pick up on the fact that you have experience and cater your personal instruction on advancing your sporting clays game.

Post Class Lunch and a Beverage 

You are going to work up a serious thirst and an appetite up there on our shooting range!  Finish off this class with a gourmet lunch at our on-site restaurant and bar, Canyon River Grill.  They have a wonderful menu including Espresso, gourmet food, wine, and spirits.  Plan your day around having a nice lunch, dinner, and possibly a drink after your class.  

Future Opportunities

Pheasant Hunting is Next!

Our goal is not to just get you shooting for a day, it is to promote a lifelong passion for shooting sports. We offer guided Pheasant Hunting trips as well that are beginner friendly.  After learning to shoot clays, consider booking a guided Pheasant Hunting Trip with us in the fall.