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FREE Trout Spey Seminar

There are very few disciplines more exciting than shooting a nice spey cast out across the river and having an aggressive trout tackle your fly on a tight line. As they say, the TUG IS THE DRUG! 

What better way to learn and hone your spey casting skills than with a 2-4 weight rod and hooking a few trout in the process?  We would love to help teach you the basics as well as more advanced techniques for a successful outing.  This seminar will be lecture format with LOTS of demonstration. Since its a free seminar, we won't limit the number of students. If there is just a few you'll get plenty of 1:1 instruction. If its a bigger class plan to learn by watching a pro do some casting and explain the various strategies. 

Trout Spey Rod and Reel Outfits - R.T.F. - Ready to Fish!

If you already have a trout spey rod and reel, bring it. A big part of why we do this class is also to sell rods.  This makes it a great day to purchase a trout spey setup and get familiar with it right away. 

Class Details:

  • This is a seminar format, not 1:1 type instruction. 
  • You don't need to have any gear to participate 
  • Bring a rod if you have one, so you can head out after class.
  • If you don't own a trout spey rod, which we consider 2-4 weight, consider purchasing one on the day of the class.  We'll outline exactly what you need in the price range you desire.
  • Our goal is to give you the basics along with intermediate to advanced techniques so that you can head out after class and have a productive outing.