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ORDER FORM: Ready Made Meals Menu

Canyon River Grill prepared READY MADE MEALS

Simply heat in your Suite, Cabin or at home.


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  Date and Time (Be as specific as possible.) Suite / Cabin Delivery or Pick Up 

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 Payment Method:

Creamy Northwest Chowder
Clams | steelhead | shrimp | onions | roasted garlic | creamy herb broth.

Creamy Tomato Bisque
 Puree stewed tomato | basil | roasted garlic | white wine | cream :

 Mixed Green Salad
Fresh greens, tomato, onions, house made vinaigrette $12:

Dressing Substitutions? *for Green Salad

 Canyon Caesar
 Whole romaine hearts | parmesan croutons | red onion confit | blue cheese | caesar dressing:

 Mac N Cheese side
Creamy home style baked macaroni and three cheeses:

 Garlic Bread side
Fresh garlic bread with our house made marinara for dipping:

 Mashed Potatoes side
Creamy whipped potatoes with cream and butter

Root Vegetable Medley side
Canyon carrots | brocolini | parsnip

 Lemon Pepper Chicken entree
Pan-seared semi-boneless chicken | roasted tomato ragu | garlic chicken jus

 Lasagna entree
Choice of roasted vegetables with white sauce | or meat red sauce

 Chicken Alfredo entree
Creamy Alfredo sauce with roasted garlic and fresh herbs

Canyon Ranch Pot Roast entree
Slow cooked in a cabernet and beef ajus

Family Sized Buffalo Wings entree
Our house made wings ready to heat and serve   

Sauces for Wings:

 Family Sized Spicy Asian Wings entree
Our house made wings ready to heat and serve   
 Family Sized Chili Lime Wings entree
Our house made wings ready to heat and serve   
 16 inch Artichoke Canyon Pizza
Red sauce | artichoke | mushroom | spinach | chevre cheese (take & bake)

 16 inch Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza  White sauce | chicken | bacon | ranch (take & bake) 

 16 inch Cheese Pizza
Red sauce | Cheese (take & bake)

16 inch Pepperoni Pizza
Loaded with pepperoni and Cheese (take & bake) 

 Soda Pop and Bottled Water ($1 each)

Your order will be processed and a conformation e-mail sent confirming payment options. Payment is required 24 hours in advance or for same day, at the time the order is placed.

Thank you for choosing Canyon River Grill Ready Made Meals!